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Welcome to the AuditQi wiki[edit]

AuditQi Logo

AuditQi is open source software (license GPL3) to assist ICT staff to manage Windows PCs and verify their health.

Audit - verifying that change has the desired effect / Qi(chi)- Lifeforce, flow of life energy.

Since 'Health' is a moving target it enables administrators to manage a set of rules to grade a machines health. Depending on what rules are triggered machines are assigned to a category, this helps to identify immediate problems. The rules also contribute to a cumulative score which is the sum of minor errors/issues. Administrators can see instantly which machines are currently in use and what users are working on. This is broken down by application category for example, wordprocessing, accounting or browsing.

The console allows a quick ad hoc comparison of different readings allowing admins to plan better, ie which PCs or servers have under 10% free space, which are utilizing most of their ram, do any PCs have an out of date antivirus ?

AuditQi complements software deployment and patching utilities such as VB Deploy or PDQ deploy by targeting and verifying deployments of applications and patches. However the software does not attempt to resolve the health conditions it detects. It is similar to the inactive and unsupported healthmonitor project (last update 2013) on Sourceforge but with greatly increased scope.

Major sources of health information include Event logs, The Registry, WMI windows management instrumentation, Windows Update (especially useful for networks not running WSUS). Windows Security Center alerts - Antivirus Status/Firewall/AntiSpyware/UAC/Login Provider, File Versions especially EXE files and XML settings files content. Specific features assist with management of Windows 10, see below. Health assessment can also include behavioral activity ie Time since last restart or applications installed ie flash.

See the Knowledgebase for details and numerous examples.

AuditQi is software I use everyday to optimize PC and server health.

I hope you will find it as essential a tool as I do - Justin Fitzgibbon

Web based console
Setting up monitoring, in this example checking a security updates install status

Download and install process[edit]

AuditQi has been released on

Additional manual configuration is needed please follow the setup steps - Setup - Downloading and installation

Currently the Client and its source code, admin MDB and the server (3GB virtual machine) and also a smaller (86Mb) windows only server for testing and small to medium networks are all available.

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Click on the links below for more information

Functionality - What does it do and how

Setup - Downloading and installation

Management Console - How to use / features

Monitoring Health - Status and Reports

Monitoring Windows 10 - Specific Features

Agent - Features and checking agent behavior

Code - Working with the source code

Knowledge Base[edit]

Knowledgebase - What to track and how to track it

Requirements virtual server[edit]

Preconfigured LAMP server (recommended for larger networks)

  • Virtualbox on a spare PC or vSphere / HyperV server
  • 3Gb plus additional space for OS updates and AuditQi data, 3 Gb of virtual memory or better
  • Based on Lubuntu 16.04 LTS (supported until April 2019)

Requirements window only server[edit]

  • Windows PC with 10Gb free space

General Requirements[edit]

On your local network

On an administration workstation